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XRs Only Mikuni Pumper Carburetor 42mm Kit - Honda XR650L

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Mikuni Pumper Carburetor 42MM
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The XR's Only Mikuni Pumper Carburetor 42mm will reveal the hidden performance within your Honda XR650L.  Its smooth bore design and accelerator pump delivers smooth and responsive acceleration for an overall increase in horsepower and torque throughout the entire power band. The Mikuni Pumper Carburetor has a controlled velocity airflow that creates optimum fuel atomization, which results in better starting, engine response and higher RPM capability.

This performance increase is accomplished by a flat guillotine slide and crescent shaped cutaways that are designed to precisely focus the fuel mixture. This engineering funnels the velocity through the venturi. The flat-slide design has little or no need for altitude compensation and is much easier to work on and dial in for optimal perforance than the O.E.M. carburetor.  Each carburetor comes with a cable, billet aluminum air box adapter already installed and extra main/pilot jets for fine tuning, if necessary.

Honda XR650L


Additional Information

Manufacturer XR's Only
Part Number XRCK-6042