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Camshaft Kit

Need a new camshaft only to found out they are discontinued? Well at XRs Only we can refit your engine with an updated cam! Fits XR500 (83-84), XL600R (ALL YRS), XR600R (85-87).

Includes: Cam Collar, Cam Bearing, Cam Bolts Intake Rocker/Exhaust Rocker & Hot Cam

Call today! 760-244-2626
Big Fins

Big Fins

Cool down your XR650L, XR600R, XR400, XR250R or XR200R. Don't add an additional oil cooler, the extended cylinder head fins look trick, and they work! Extending your cylinder head fins you can help your motor run cooler by 30 degrees. Send us your bare head (no valves/springs) so we can handcraft your head into a work of art that works, for $300!

(Shipping / Other Services / Additional Parts not included)
Valve Job Special

Valve Job Special

Any XR Model $50. Any Shim Under Bucket Model $90. *

Call today: 760-244-2626

*Single cylinder only. Not including parts, or additional services ends September 30, 2014
Fender Decal Sets!

Fender Decal Sets!

Add to your collection of XRs Only and 4Strokes Unlimited Graphics. Display that big logo on your fender tip, let the world know who they are facing!

Fits most XRs and CRF front fenders


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